City bike ride – have you ever thought about it? What is so special in cycling and why millions of people change their car comfort to the bike saddle?

1. Body shape. Regular riding guarantees well shaped legs and belly

2. Heart. Bike exercises – one of the best cardio training

3. Style. In variety of bikes choose the one fitting best your style to be noticeable among the streets crowd

4. Networking. Cyclists, as usual, are very friendly and open persons. Switching to a bike, you will notice others like you, spinning the pedals along the streets. Smiles reciprocity will soon become the new acquaintance

5. Your city. Commuting by bike you are highly mobile. Your routes are flexible, you could easily bypass the traffic, you might discover some new interesting spots in the city you though you know entirely. Bike riding lets you see the city at a different angle

6. Mood. Tested on practice and, perhaps, already proven by scientists that sports change the mood for good. Physical exercises on the open air allowing you to get from A to B guarantee the positive mood.

7. Public transport. Bike is a proper substitute of the public transport and related irritants, such as crowd crushes, smells, “others talks” and delays

8. Saving. Even if you would make just a part of your daily route by bike, it could save you a significant amount of cash each year

9. Contemplation. The bikers are always the contemplators. In the era of technologies people are more and more used to live online, often losing the grip on reality. On a bus stop, in a tram, in a car or on a walk so many people don’t look around themselves but just “touch the screens”… while have you ever seen a cyclist reading Facebook while riding?

10. Curiosity. You can always stop your bicycle next to some interesting things. Whatever it is, new shop window, ice-cream trolley or a flower bed. You can always put the time on pause to enjoy the things around and avoid any rush, as afterwards you can always push your pedals just a bit harder to repair on omission

11. Time. Once you have done the required route by bike, you can be sure of how long it takes and only a few factors could affect it… Going the same way regularly you could further optimize the timing

12. Ecology. Cycling is all about ecology… Honestly, nothing to add


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