Bike quest – new way to see Milan by bike!

Bike quest – new way to see Milan by bike!

Finally, we are happy to announce our new bike experience in Milan! Bike quest is a never seen way to discover the city by bikes.

It is a new way to have fun and to explore the city at any age!

You can join a group of people or to come with your own team, made by friends or family.

bike quest milan

For the bike quest the group of participants is divided in teams. Every team has the map, the list of enigmas and all the materials with the information.
But don’t worry, you will not get lost. The group will be accompanied by a guide all the way. The guide will make the way through different clusters of the bike quest, where the teams will have their tasks to do.

The rout is planned to be suitable for any age and any training level.

You will bike through different areas of Milan and discover lots of places. Some of them less known, others are quite famous, but still keep many secrets and facts that you will not expect!

bike quest

This bike tour in Milan is perfect for families with kids! The kids will have fun and will not be annoyed by many stories of a guide.

But it is also a great idea for a team building, a bachelors party or a birthday party. Bikes and teamwork bring people together!

So, do not hesitate and join the bike quest in Milan!

Moreover, the materials can be provided in different languages!

Contact us for any details and clarifications!

If you have your own bike, you will get a discount for the bike rent.


The bike quest experience takes 3 hours.

During the game the teams will have points for all the tasks. And in the end they will solve the rebus.

Moreover all the participants will get the prizes. And the winner will get the Gran Prize!