Bike tours in Milan 2020 – 20%

Bike tours in Milan 2020 – 20%

Bike tours in Milan 2020

Dear friends! The situation in the world is out of control and we are upset about the summer season 2020. Will it be possible to travel in Italy? Will we bike in Milan with you?

But even if we have to loose the bike season this year, we will survive! The Velocipedi bike tours became the number 1 on TripAdvisor in Milan and we will do our maximum to resist and to do the best when you’ll come to Italy again.

So, our plans are really big! Our guides are very enthusiastic as they miss biking in Milan a lot!

As the result you will have the best bike experience ever!

We dream to bike with you and show you the best sights and hidden gems of Milan! On our city bike tour we will visit different spots of Milan, step by step, we will reveal all the city secrets, its history, its modern life. In the end you’ll get the full picture and know Milan as it is. Most probably you will fall in love with the city!

So, what are our bike tours in Milan about?

First of all you will understand Milan, you will know why it became the most modern and fast moving city in Italy.

Secondly, you’ll know how many famous people lived in Milan and loved it! Probably you heard the names Leonardo Da Vinci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini, Ernest Hemingway, Donato Bramante? During the bike tour you will find out about their lives in Milan and the results of their stays.

Biking in the city permits you to visit lots of sights and to cover big distances in short time. Therefore you will see the antic Milan, then you will cycle through the medieval city, you will see a lot from the period of renaissance and the industrial period of 19th century. And in the end you will bike through the modern Milan and discover the ultra modern green city, that is up to date with the new green era.

As one of our tourists said: “If you are struggling to see more churches and Cathedrals, if you are tired of the dates and names, then this is the bike tour for you!”

And we are really proud that our bike tour is not just one of the sightseeings, but a unique way to see Milan is it is! A real authentic Milan and not just the main sights.

Certainly, we suffer today as we have to stop all activity.

We invite you to take a look at our tours. 

The special pandemic offer for the Milan bike tours:

Now you can get any of the bike tours in Milan with the open date and with 20% discount! Isn’t is great?

For everyone, who plan to visit Milan anytime after the pandemic! You can get the voucher for any of our bike tours and use it when you can, no expiry date for the city cycling tour!

Just contact us and get the 20% discount on the Milan bike tour! Use it when you want!