Biking or walking tour in Milano?

Biking or walking tour in Milano?
Biking or walking tour in Milan? Such a hard choice!

Italy starts to reopen after the epidemic. So, step by step we are coming back to our normal life.

And we are sure, that very soon we will be able to travel again, to bike and to walk around.

So, let’s see what is the best way to explore Milano?

Some people prefer guided tours in the city center, others love to visit museums and galleries. And other tourists would rather do a guided bike tour in every new city.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of walking tours and bike tours in Milan?

Milan is the second biggest city in Italy. The city center is quite compact and in 3-5 hours you can walk around and visit the main sights of Milan. During the walking tour the guide will have time to explain all the sights and its history in details. But you will not go over it. Immagine the Duomo Cathedral of Milan! There are 3.000 statues on it and 600 years of history! How much time do you think you need to discover it?

Duomo of Milan

So, when you choose a walking tour, be ready to stay in the city center only. It is the concentration of history and art.

But if you want to see a bit more, if you want to feel Milan and to understand how it became the richest and the most important city of Italy, then the bike tour is the right choice!

There is no way to see as much as by bike in Milan, even if you use other transports. And of course no way to walk the distance that you cover by bike! Our bike tour is built to show you Milan from the very beginning to its latest period. And we assure you, that modern Milan can amaze!

Modern Milan

Often people do not expect to see something really modern and innovative in Italy. And our guided bike tour in Milan is the way to open absolutely different and unexpected Italy.

So, while biking in Milan with our guides you’ll get the picture: how the city developed and became how it is. It is not easy to build this puzzle walking in the city center.

On the city bike tour you will not get such a detailed information about every place you pass by. You’ll have large strokes to be able to cover everything. Guided bike tour is the way to make an overview of the city. And if you want to go deeper, the walking tour is the way.

To summarise: a walking tour can develop a theme, it is perfect for limited topics. A bike tour gives you the full overview.

The last but not the least.

The price and the group!

The price matters! For a private tour you pay minimum 150 euro for a limited topic.

If you want to pay less, you take a group tour.

For a group walking the price varies from 25 to 45 euro per person. You get a headphones and a group of 25-30 persons walking behind the guide. It can’t be really personal. You just follow the leader and listen. No time for coffee or a photo shoot , the group can not wait.

But immagine the bike tour with such a big group! It is unreal! Technically impossible to make big groups for the bike tours. It is hard to follow the bike guide if you are in a big group. So, our maximum for the cycling tour is 15 persons for one guide. But normally we try to make 12 people for one bike guide.

So, for the guided bike tour you pay the same, as for the walking group, but you are guaranteed in a small group. The city bike tour becomes personal and you feel safe and under control of our guide. You can ask all your questions about Milan, Italy, and Italians. You’ll stop for a coffee and ice cream break. By the way, our bike guides are great photographers! So, take as many pics as you want!

Bike guide Milan

Moreover, in the price of the guided bike tour not only the bikes, but the helmets and a bottle of water is included!

So, I think you have no doubts anymore?

And just a remind about the quarantine discount! If you book your city bike tour in Milan during this period, get 20% discount!

Contact us and get your “Milan bike tour” voucher with no expiry date! Use it when you can!

The best price for the best bike tour in Milan!