Coronavirus in Milan, Italy – UPDATES

Coronavirus in Milan, Italy – UPDATES
Coronavirus in Milan – updates

Coronavirus put in panic lots of people. But as citizens of Milan we would like to assure you, that situation here is calm and the city is alive!

Milan moves, Milan breathes, Milan is not afraid.

So, we keep doing bike tours for you.

As well all the museums and shops in Milan are open. You can visit Duomo, the Last Supper, the Sforza Castle, the Brera paint gallery. The shops, bars, restaurants in Milan are working as always.

Airports, buses, railway stations and public transport work as usual.

There is no need to cancel your visit to Milan.

We would like to share some videos with you, so you can see that Milan is full of entertainment and it is the place to come!

And the last, but not the least thing to add is that bike tour is the less risky method to get the virus. You will stay outside, we clean our bikes and in this period we clean seats and handlebars with the disinfectant liquid. So, if you decide to bike in Milan, you are very welcome on our bike tour in Milan!


We are not afraid of coronavirus or any other virus here.

Moreover, we should say, that it is the best time to come in the city, as it is very quiet, no crowds of tourists, all the sights are just for you! You can enjoy the sights, the views, the food. No queues or crowds. Isn’t it nice?

But the only advise: buy the tickets to the museums online. Big part of the ticket offices sell the tickets only online now.

And take some disinfectant liquid with you, use it more often as a precaution.

In the rest the city is great! Especially in spring!

See you on our bike tour in Milan!