CYCLING IN MILAN – is it safe to bike in the city?

CYCLING IN MILAN – is it safe to bike in the city?

Is Milan a bike friendly city? Are there many bike lanes in Milan? Is it safe to cycle in Milan?

Many doubts have tourists before the bike tour or bike renting in Milan.

We will try to calm you down!

In the last years Milan changes a lot! We started our bike tours in Milan 7 years ago and in the first years there was only one piece by a bike path, we were biking mostly by roads and sidewalks.

Our todays bike rout goes mainly by bike lanes and new walking areas. In Milan there are more than 180 km of biking paths!

Sightseeing bike tour in Milan

If you go on an independent bike ride in the city, then let’s take a bike rout by bike pathto see the main sights Of Milan:

Start from Central station – Via Melchiore -Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi, Bosco Verticale – back to via Melchiore Gioia – via San Marco – via Ancona – via Rivoli – Parco Sempione – Sforza Castle – via Dante – piazza Duomo – piazza La Scala – via Verdi – Brera.

This rout goes by bike lanes, parks and walking areas where still you can pass by bike. You will see the best sights of Milan and have a safe and secure ride.

Along canal of Milan by bike

The famous Navigli canal is one of the favourite bike places for tourists in the city. Long cycling lane along the canal will bring you through colourful houses, fields, churches and farms directly to Pavia and Certosa di Pavia Abbey. Certosa abbey and its active monastery is one of the most beautiful complexes of the 15th century in Italy.

Pavia is a former capital of the Longbard’s kingdom. Surely there are places to see and to visit! Immagine you can get there by bike from Milan in less than one hour!

Accompanied bicycle tour in Milan

If you do not feel secure to bike by your own in the city, then just come to ride with us! Our guides will bring you to the most interesting places that you shouldn’t miss in Milan, provide all the information and you will fall in love with it!

Milan by bike is perfect! So trust us and bike in Milan!

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