Don’ts and Dos in Milan for the best experience

Don’ts and Dos in Milan for the best experience

Are you ready for your experience in Milan? Check this “Don’ts and Dos” list out!

In Milan and in general in Italy there are several things, that mark you as a tourist.

Come in Italy, come in Milan and try an Italian way of living, because that’s what the Dolce Vita is!

  • Don’t take coffe away. Drink coffee in the bar, stay at bank if it is a small espresso, take the coffee and sit at the table if it is cappuccino. But no coffee to go, please!
  • Don’t miss the time of lunch or dinner. Italian restaurants have strict working hours. Lunch time is from 12:30 to 14:30. Earliest dinner time is 18:30, but more probably they open at 19:00. If you don’t want to have snacks and finger food all the day and want to try a good Italian kitchen, don’t miss the lunch or dinner time!

  • Don’t forget your sun glasses! Even in winter time the sun is very bright, so you will need the sun glasses and probably the sun cream.
  • Don’t add parmesan cheese on sea food dishes. You can combine mozzarella with tono and it is the only cheese+fish permitted in Italy. Any pizza o pasta with sea food is not combined with parmesan or other type of cheese.

  • Say “Ciao!” to all the dogs you see on your way. You can pet the dogs, talk to them, play with them. Italians love that!
  • Say “Ciao!” to small kids. Wave them, play with them, smile to them. Italians love that even more!

  • Do an evening aperitif in a bar. From 18:00 to 21:00 in all the bars of Milan it is a happy hour. It means you pay a drink and get the snacks for free!
  • Take Spritz Aperol as an aperitif – a classic before dinner drink. The Milan version of it is a Campari Spritz, it is made with CampariĀ bitter and Prosecco wine. But if you do not like bitter drinks, then take Aperol Spritz better.

  • Italians love cycling, so go around by bike!

And, of course you know, that the best bike tour in Milan you can do with us!

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