E-bike tour in Milan – why we don’t do it?

E-bike tour in Milan – why we don’t do it?
E-bike tour in Milan – is it a good idea? Why don’t we do it?

We see, that the e-bikes become more and more popular every year. Often we have requests about e-bike tours. So, why we haven’t made the e-bike tours in Milan yet? The answer is very easy: Milan is not the city for the e-bikes!

During our bike tour in Milan we have 12-15 stops, we pass narrow streets with cable stones, we go through crowded squares, cross roads and enter in small courtyards. It its easy with a classic city bike, that weights 10-12 kg. Imagine the e-bike! Its weight is 30kg!

It would be too heavy to manovrate it in the city, don’t you think so? Think about every start and stop. Or about holding it on the traffic lights. And what about pulling it up on the road boarders? Definitely too heavy and clumsy!

Moreover Milan is a really flat city. There are no hills at all. And we assure you, that it is very easy to ride a bike in Milan. Therefore you’ll enjoy much more Milan on a classic city bike.

However, for those who love e-bike experience, we are going to offer a new e-bike tour next season.

We will announce it soon.

Meanwhile you should try our city bike tour in Milan.

Firstly, it is fun, pleasant and healthy way to explore the city.

Secondly, cycling is eco-friendly.

To sum up, we think that the e-bike are not good and comfortable for the city like Milan.

Milan is for city bikes. But we promise to prepare a great tour for e-bikes!

So, all the e-bike lovers, stay tuned! We will have something for you soon!