Epidemics in Milan in different ages

Epidemics in Milan in different ages

In different ages Milan saw lots of different epidemics.

The Coronavirus is not the first one, but hopefully the last one.

today I will tell you about the worst epidemic in the history of Milan that had place in 1630.

The Black Plague in Milan.

The events of this period were described in the novel “Engaged” of a great Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni.

The epidemic lasted for more than 1,5 years and during this period more than third part of citizens of Milan died.

The cemeteries were full, the hospitals could not recover more people, dying people were in the streets, at homes.

All healthy population had to stay at home with doors and windows closed and special teams were bringing them food and leaving it under the doors. Nobody could leave or enter the city.

Churches were closed,  but special columns with cross were placed everywhere in the city. So people could pray outside without crowding in a closed space. This columns were called “Plague Column”

Five of this columns still exist and stay in the places in different streets of Milan.

It was a dramatic period for Milan. Nonetheless Milan survived and recovered after this period.

And we believe, that the new epidemic of Coronavirus will not last long, it will pass soon and we will come back to our normal life.

We are waiting for all the tourists back in Italy!

And we invite you to our bike tours in Milan!

Bike tour is the less risky way to get any virus! We stay outside and nowadays we sanitise our bikes periodically.

So, as soon as the quarantine is finished, we will wait for you in Milan to cycle together and share our love to this city with you!

And now we will update the bike tour a bit and we will add some epidemic stories in it 🙂