Events and exhibitions in Milan in 2020

Events and exhibitions in Milan in 2020

Milan is full of events and exhibitions for every taste.

What the city can offer you in 2020?

Check this list out:

Till the end of February 2020 for the first time in Italy the collection of jewellery of VAN CLEEF and ARPELS. 400 high quality jewellery objects and watches from private collections. Visit it in Palazzo Reale (piazza Duomo 12)

From February to June the first exhibition in Italy of George de la Tour. The artist of 17 century that shows us the real life of that time without filters. Palazzo Reale, piazza Duomo 12, Milan)

Till 19th of April in Sforza Castle you will fina an exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci and his Salvator Mundi painting. You will the first draft (probably) of the famous painting of the master. Sforza Castle, piazza Castello.

All the year the Leonardo3 exhibition in the museum of Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. Even if it is dedicated to the projects of Leonardo again, it is worth to visit. Especially with kids! You will see the reconstructions of his machines, some of his projects and description of the main paintings in 3D. Visit it in Museo Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, piazza della Scala.

For those who are not big keens on art, the ROBOT exhibition is the option. Till July in Milan explore the researches in bio-robots field. You will find it in MuDec, via Tortona 56

Your kids will have fun at “Disney, art to tell stories”. It is also in MuDec (via Tortona, 56) till September.

But let’s come back to art again!

The most expected exhibition of the year is waiting at Palazzo Reale from October. Despite of the fact some people do not consider POP ART as an art, it is still a standing event to visit. POP ART is the movement of the new era, 20th century collection of the tv, mass media, ad, posters production. Palazzo Reale, piazza Duomo, 12.

So, are you going to visit Milan this year?

See you on one of the exhibitions or on our bike tour through the most characteristic places of the city!