Milan becomes bike city in 2020

Milan becomes bike city in 2020

Milan in 2020 becomes a bike city.

The government of Milan announced a new ambitious plan to transform the city of cars in the bike city.

During the lockdown in Milan the level of pollution reduced significantly and the problem of smog resolved so quickly and easily for the first time.

So, the decision was to keep such a low level of pollution after the lockdown in Milan. And there is the only way to achieve this aim.

Build the bike infrastructure in the city!

Finally, Milan is going to become the first real bike city in Italy.

Cycling is the only way to move in the city fast, cheap and to keep the social distance so needed at the moment.

Milan bike city

The easiest way to build big amount of new cycle lanes is to give part of the roads to cyclists, reduce the speed limit in the city and wide pavements.

The government of Milan talks for years about increasing the bike movement in the city. Finally the moment has come!

So, till the end of the summer they promise to activate 35 km of new cycling lanes in Milan.

On average, one citizen of Milan travels 4 km from home to work. 50% of people use public transport, others mostly cars. But this distance is more than possible to make by bike!

Moreover, Milan is only 15 km wide. So, it is very doable almost for everyone to switch to the bike to the daily travels.

Milan cycling lanes

Of course, we are the first ones to support this great initiative.

The part of Milan that is planned to be renewed is a very interesting historic part. But lack of bike lanes doesn’t allow us to bring tourists there on our guided bike tours.

So, after the plan of the government is realised, we will be able to show that area! It is full of history, city legends and beautiful places!

Let’s cross the fingers for the first real bike city in Italy!

The bike tours in Milan are about to become safer and more interesting! Don’t miss it!