MILAN DAY PASS – do I need it?

MILAN DAY PASS – do I need it?terrace Duomo Milan

Milan Day pass – it is a convenient way to get everything and spend less.

It is a tourist city card that gives you the possibility to use all the public transport for free, to visit big part of the attractions for free and to have a discount in many museums and bars.

So, let’s calcolate the typical tourists expense with and without the Milan day pass!

One day in Milan city with the Day card

The Milan Card for 1 day will cost you only 11 euro.

If you stay not in the center of the city, you will need to use a public transport at least twice during the day, it costs 2 euro one way. So, let’s say 4 euro a day for the transport.

90% of tourists visit the Duomo Cathedral in Milan and its rooftop. The entrance ticket costs 16 euro, with the Milan day pass you’ll have 10% discount. It means you pay 14,40 euro.

For sure you will need a transfer from/to the airport.

If you flu from/to Linate airpot of Milan, then with the Milan Card you will have free transfer.

But most probably you fly from/to Malpensa airport, with the Day Pass you can get 20% discount for the Malpensa Express train. The train costs 13 euro one way. With the day card you pay 10,40 euro.

So, with this 3 simple steps, that every average tourists will do in Milan, you already saved money.

If you are going to visit more museums and places in Milan, then the Day Pass really helps you to enjoy more and spend less.

Click this link to find details and to but the Milan day card.

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