You can often hear that Milan is just an industrial city, nothing to see there, only the Duomo Square.

Do you really believe that? The city with the 26 hundred years history has nothing to surprise you?

Let’s see!

The first things to see on your visit, of course, is

The Duomo Square

with the Cathedral of Milan, the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery (the first public shopping center in Europe), the La Scala square if you like opera.

If you’d love to see something special in Milan, then visit

The underground church!

It is only 5 minutes walk from the Duomo, but it is 2,5 meters below the ground!

You can find it on the San Sepolcro square, and it is not the one you will see on the square, you need the one under it.

It is called Cripta di San Sepolcro.


Do you want to see the best works of the most famous architects and artists of Milan?

Then you have to go to

The Monumental Cemetery!

It sounds strange, but artists of all the world love to create for Cemeteries! The Monumental Cemetery of Milan is called “The museum under the sky” as the mausoleums are made by the best artists of the territory from the middle of 19th till nowadays.

NB: Cimitero Monumentale is closed on Mondays!

Next spot is Isola district – a new attractive area of Milan. It used to be one of the most criminal areas of the city, the mafia’s zone of Milan in 60s-80s, but in the last 10 years the situation changed and now you can walk there peacefully, enjoying green, beautiful buildings, street art, small bars, local restaurants and street markets couple of days a week.

And the best thing to do in Milan is to join our bike tour! See all the gems of the city, that other tourists miss. In 3 hours bicycle tour you’ll see more then in 3 hours walk! You will simply fall in love with this city! So, come and ride a bike with us in Milan!

Milan Hidden Treasures Tour