Parking in Milan – rules

Parking in Milan – rules

Parking in Milan – rules

Most of tourists like to be free in their movement and they rent a car in the trips.

But often happens, that after the trips they receive fines. Sometimes they really big ones!

To avoid it, keep in mind some special signs and parking rules in Milan and in Italy!

Parking rules Milan

Parkings in Italy

Never park on YELLOW lines. These are only for the residents.

You can park on blue or white lines only.

White lines are free and you can find them a lot in small cities or away from the tourists areas.

Blue lines are by payment. Sometimes they are free on weekends, on bank holidays and in the evenings. Check the signs. A free day will be marked on the sign with a small cross. If there is no any cross, so you should pay.

You can pay the parking in parking machines along the sidewalks. Usually they will ask you to insert the plate number of the car. You will need to put the ticket under the window.

Road signs to avoid

Parking and signs Milan

Never enter under this sign. It means: “area reserved for residents only”.

The fine for entering with a non registered car in this area will be about 100 euro!

If you see a ZTL letters or Zona Traffico Limitato sign, just stay away )

congestion area milan

In Milan there the city center is an eco area. It is called “Area C”. The congestion charge for a car is 5 euro. You can enter by car for free in city center only in weekends or in evenings after 19:30.

To pay the entrance for your car you can in any Tabaccheria shop. These shops and kiosks are always marked with a big “T” letter.

You should pay the congestion charge during 24 hours after you entered the “Area C”

Speed limits

speed limit in italy

In big part of the cities in Italy the speed limit in the city is 30 km/h.

In the highway it is 130 km/h

And a good news for all tourists, who plan to cycle with us on the bike tour!

Our shop is outside the “Area C”, all the blue parking lines in our area are free on weekends. And just behind our bike shop there is a big garage. Moreover, just across the square there is a big shopping mall, where the underground parking is free for the first 2 hours.

Our bike tour lasts 3 hours, so, you will pay only one hour of parking, if you leave your car there!

So, see you on the bike tour in Milan!

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