Everyone who rides a bike knows what impact a “flat wheel” has…

Happened around your house- it means time lost, hands dirty and potentially need to commute by public transport or taxi for some time.
Happened on the way- again, lost time and dirty hands, but, on top, the need to push on your bike to a workshop or home to fix the wheel…

In any case, “flat wheel” has its costs in addition to new inner tube (i.e., workshop service, time, nerves etc.)
However bike industry is evolving! It has been recently launched the “no puncture“ tire for bikes (Tannus) made with a compound of polymer and it has neither tube nor air, so there is no chance of puncture o deflation

The producer says it has been tested on a run of 5.500 km! It’s like to make a Milan-Moscow round trip by your bike and still have your tire in a working condition.

This new product is available in different sizes, treads and colors.

Once we saw the tires we could’t resist and tried them. We expected such wheel to be rigid and heavier than a standard wheel, however, to our surprise, we found it very light but solid enough. We were interested how it feels during the ride, on the bumpy road in particular, as in the center of Milan the roads are mostly like this. The bike riding was just like going by a normal bike with very well inflated tires, nothing strange.

We could conclude the “no puncture” tires worth to be considered, especially for those riding a lot in the cities (where tire puncture probability is higher).

We seriously think about changing or classic bike tires to these new ones. So our tourists will have only fun during their bike tours in Milan, without any unexpected stops!

Enjoy riding your bikes!
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