Self guided bike tours in Italy – new level of travel experience

Self guided bike tours in Italy – new level of travel experience

Self guided bike tours in Italy is a new travel trend.

Italy is a little bit behind with the bike infrastructure, but it is growing and developing more and more, in the last years kilometres of new bike lanes were build in Italy. Every season it becomes safer and easier to cycle around.

One of the most popular destinations is Tuscany. It offers the breathtaking landscapes, delicious food and famous wine.

Nonetheless, I assure you that Lombardy can easily  take the title of one of the best biking regions in Italy. If you try to cycle here it will conquer your heart. It will offer you much more than just biking.

What are the advantages of biking trips in Lombardy?
  • International airport in Milan, which makes your bike tour start very easy.
  • Various landscapes for cyclist of different levels. There are flat parts, hilly parts or real Alps. Choose what you like more.
  • Big amount of lakes. Swimming in the fresh lake is the best way to fight the summer heat.
  • One of the most famous wine regions Franciacorta that produces the world’s best Prosecco.

So, now you see that to bike in Lombardy can give you the real pleasure.

Self guided cycling tours is one of the options. The easiest and the cheapest one, of course. You have well planned cycling route with all the descriptions and explanations, you have good places to stay and to keep your bikes in secure. The meals are chosen for you, so you can be sure you will try local food. In most of the cases there will be even the luggage transfer service! And you will not have a supervisor, a group of unknown people, a guide that put you in a rush o bike too slow. You can bike in your own rhythm, enjoy staying with your people, having fun, biking, stoping, taking picture where you want. Is in it the best way to have a bike holiday in Italy?