THE LAST SUPPER – How to get tickets

THE LAST SUPPER – How to get tickets

The Last Supper ticket without booking. Is it true?

Leonardo’s Last Supper is one of the most famous attractions in Milan. But do you think it is almost impossible to get tickets?

It is not! All you need is an alarm clock!

You can buy tickets for the Last Supper last minute without booking early in the morning only. Let me explain!

Mostly all tickets are booked in advance by big travel agencies for their groups. But often they have last minute cancelations, no-shows or lack of participants, so they throw off their left over tickets for the same day early in the morning.

So, if you didn’t succeed in booking online, just wake up early, go to the tickets office 15 minutes before it opens and be the first one to get the 10 euro ticket for the Last Supper of the great Leonardo Da Vinci!

No extra cost, just the standard price €10.

The tickets office in Milan opens at 8:00. The tickets are usually sold out already at 9:00!

It is better to be there 10-15 minutes before opening.

Don’t forget the audio guide!

And remember that the Last Supper is closed on Mondays.

Leonardo Da Vinci lived in Milan for 20 years. Big part of his art and engineering works were made in Milano.

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