Goiong to visit Milan and want to explore as much as possible in couple of days? Then you have to know where to go and what to skip.

First thing to do is, of course, to go to the central square to see the Pearl of the city – Duomo of Milan. If you see a queue to enter the Cathedral, then just ignore it, you do not need to go inside. It will be just a waste of time. But it is worth to stay in any queue and to see the terraces of Duomo. Take staitrs, it is not high, easy to go, cheaper and faster, then the lift!

You are in Italy and it means you have to try a good italian coffee.

There is a nice historical bar on the Duomo square: “Camparino” bar at the entrance to the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. Camparino is the first bar in Milan, where women were allowed to drink alcohol. If you do not use the table service and take coffee at the bar counter, the price will be

as everywhere else – 1 euro.

In the afternoon you should try there the very milanese cocktail – Campari Orange.


The next highlight after Duomo is the La Scala theatre, which is just across the Gallery. The building is really modest, but go and visit the museum of La Scala! Ask at the ticket office if there is any repetition at the moment. It is better to visit the museum when there is no repetition, so you will be able to enter in the odeum.

The next waypoint is Brera. It is only 10 mins walk from the La Scala, but you will get in a fascinating old city! There are many cozy bars and restaurants, a bit more expensive though. Visit a very special enoteca for wine tasting. You will find it in an old monks refectory and cellar in San Marco street – “N’Ombra de Vin” – wine tasting in medieval atmosphere.

The last, but not the lease, would be the Sforza Castle. One of the biggest castles in Europe in the center of Milan. Walk through its courtyards, try to go around and count fat and lazy cats in the moat, try to find pieces of an old wall, that was surrounding the castle in 15th century. If you have time, visit the last masterpiece of one of the greatest italian sculptors Michelangelo – his unfinished Pieta’. You will find it in Sforza Castle in the biggest courtyard. The visit costs only 5 euro and it will take you just 10 minutes, but it is really worth it!

And of course one of the best things to do in Milan is our bike tour “Milan hidden treasures”, where you will see all the best of Milan!