TOP-5 most beautiful buildings in Milan

TOP-5 most beautiful buildings in Milan

TOP-5 most beautiful buildings in Milan.

So, today we present our rating of the most beautiful architecture in Milan.

As we are not able to bike at the moment, let’s take a virtual tour in Milan!

We valued the modern architecture and in our last article you can see the rating of the ugliest buildings in Milan from our point of view. It is our personal view and we consider only the external design.

Finally, let’s see our prettiest TOP-5!

Number 5 – Microsoft of Milan

It is a good example how to insert modern architecture in historic surroundings. The shape of the building reminds the old city wall situated here back in times. And even though the building looks ultra modern, the glasses reflect the old city of Milan and the structure dissolves in it.

Number 4 – CityLife, residence Hadid and Libeskind

CityLife of Milan is the new way of living in the city, it is a small city without cars, surrounded by nature. The architecture of the residences Hadid and Libeskind, named by the names of its creators, dialogs with you. It is smooth, non-symmetrical, inspired by nature. It seems like it involves and relaxes you.

Number 3 – IBM Milan

Probably the IBM building looks tiny. But first of all it is a smart building. It is able to transform the insides in different spacious locations and fits up to 700 people. Furthermore the design makes it look smaller, then it is. It looks like a seed and certainly inspired by nature!

Number 2 – Residence Gorani, MIlan

When architects build in an old city center, they must be very careful. It is very easy to ruin the ancient atmosphere with an unsuccessful building. But in piazza Gorani in Milan we have a perfect example of a great modern architecture inserted in an old ambient. Due to its shape, color and design it complements each other with the nearby buildings.

And finally, we are ready to announce the winner of our rating!

Number 1 – Vertical Forest “Bosco Verticale”

And here it is! The most beautiful buildings in Milan! The “Best building in the World” in 2014.

Two green towers fit almost 900 trees and 15.000 smaller plants. Moreover the towers are auto sufficient. There is no need to water the plants. All the watering system is automatic and works with the sun energy. Even more important is that it filters and reuses the wasted water of the tenants of Bosco Verticale. Isn’t it great? The architect was able to fit thousands of plants in a small space and above all they grow without any extra energy! Certainly this project deserves to be the “Number 1” in our rating!

We hope you enjoyed our ratings. We will be glad to show all this beautiful parts of Milan as soon as we are all able to travel again.

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