1 day in Milan – things to do

1 day in Milan – things to do

1 day in Milan is not enough to discover this great city, but if you still have only 24 hours, then check out the things that you should see!

First of all, the best way to move in the city is bike! But of course you can walk, use public transport or taxi.

So, the first and the most famous sight is the Cathedral of Milan – DUOMO.

Walk around the Duomo, the oldest part of the Cathedral is the abside (back round shaped wall of church).

The best place on this square is the Duomo rooftop. You can get there by lift or by stairs, which is, by the way, faster and cheeper. There are only 250 small steps to do and you will be able to enjoy the ancient beauty and the best panoramic view in Milan!

The second thing is the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery.

It will not take you long as it is on the same square. You just cross it and exit on the opposite side just in front of the La Scala theatre. So you take two sights with one shot!

In couple of hours you make all the central square of Milan and the best view.

Your next stop is going to be our bike tour in Milan!

You just jump in the metro and in 15 mins you’ll be near our bike shop.

During this 3-hours bike tour you will see the rest of Milan. We will show you both: important historical sights and the hidden gems.

You will see the famous Vertical Forest and the Castle, you’ll bike through the brand new modern areas and through some very old narrow Italian streets, you will try one of the best gelatos in Milan and will learn a lot about the Milan’s history and nowadays life. You will cycle in beautiful residential areas, in some very simple and some very luxury places.

In 3 hours by bike you will see more then walking around for 3 days!

You will enjoy this bike experience!

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