Bike Milan, See Milan, Listen Milan!

Bike Milan, See Milan, Listen Milan!

Bike Milan, See Milan, Listen Milan!

During this hard time of pandemic in Italy and in the world, we had to stop traveling, we can not do city bike tours, we can not even bike around Milan.

But thanks to the generosity of many talented people, we still can enjoy Milan and see it! Empty, gorgeous, magnificent Milan!

So, how we can still bike in Milan, staying home?

Many people have an exercise bike at home or a bike roller for city bikes, see the pic.

So, here is our life hack:

Jump on your bike and upload a video from Milan. Make your own private city bike tour in Milan!

To make your bike tour in Milan even more enjoyable , check this video of the great Andrea Bocelli from the empty Duomo of Milan. And from the last song, that he sings in front of the Cathedral, you’ll get the goosebumps!

Such a great combination: the great music and the city of Milan. You will enjoy this city bike tour more than ever!

And as soon as all this epidemic problem is over, we are waiting for you in Milan for the real bike tour. Moreover the best bike tour in Milan! You will see the real city, cycling in a calm pace, seeing all the small details and listening the exciting stories from our guides.

Guided bike tour is the best way to see, to feel, to fall in love with Milan! See the description of our city bike tour.

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