CORONAVIRUS in Milan, Italy – updates

CORONAVIRUS in Milan, Italy – updates

As  we receive bunch of messages about the situation with the coronavirus in Milan, here is the update.

At the moment most tourist places are closed till the 2nd of March.

You will not be able to visit Duomo, museums, night clubs, cinemas. The International Design week “I salone” (Salone del mobile) is moved from April to June 16-21.

But the bars, restaurants, shops and grocery shops are operating. There is no deficit of food in Milan!

The airports and public transport operate as usual.

The weather is warm and sunny, the city is empty and the traffic is low.

And we keep biking!

If you still plan to visit Milan in this period, then biking is one of the best things to do! The city is empty, the traffic is low, the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining.

However, we recommend you to bring with you some disinfecting wipes or liquids, as in Italy we have run out of this.

In case you ordered the bike tour and would like to cancel, just write us and we will cancel it with our any fee.

Milan is always waiting for you and it is not afraid of the coronavirus!